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Intelligence reports and operational insights

Intelligence reports and operational insights


We deliver high ROI on your investment in Intelligence projects.

Everyone has information-gaps


It might be your need to prepare for an important meeting or a business pitch.

It also might be that your strategy for this year is expending worldwide to or from the Middle East and you want to know everything about the market, competitors, and customers.

Perhaps you want to rent a house, choose your boss, marry, etc.

You need much and relevant information to succeed

We can offer you a comprehensive Intelligence Report that would best match your preliminary questions. Our reports let you fill-up the gaps with the necessary information. Moreover, we always suggest actions be taken based on the insights derived from the gathering results.

Types of our reports


Person to Net (P2N) - our basic Webint based gathering process. After you define your 3 main questions, we gather as much information as we can from the Internet and other public sources. Delivery of basic report is expected in a week.

Person to Person (P2P) - contains an additional effort to gather information, not just based on Webint rather, involves getting in touch with people related to the subject of the project. Delivery of basic report is expected in 2 weeks.

Person to Others (P2O) - the most comprehensive and expensive report. Based on our P2N and P2P process in addition to gathering information from other external sources. Delivery is expected in 2-3 weeks.

Our basic Time-Unit for a report is one week. In many cases you might wish to renew the gathering process over more Time-Units.

Intelligence reports and operational insights
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