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Intelligence Education

Training - fostering your human capital

We believe that Intelligence in an organization does not belong only to high management or CI/MI/BI/KM team. It is a way of life and thinking every employee should have.

Intelligence Education

Our long experience in developing and applying courses, lectures, workshops, and private 1:1 lessons, helps us deliver a highly comprehensive and accurate training by your own pre-defined needs.


Intelligence training aims to strengthen your organization's resilience and competitive edge, upon competitors and market trends.


We believe that in addition to our generic seminars and courses, you are an expert in understanding your needs. Our main goal is to develop a custom-made course, especially for your organization.


Intelligence Education is the framework for all the above. It can be a one-day seminar, a 3-hour lecture, or a one-week course. All focused on the same issue with a different depth and practice.


A course might focus on using intelligence-gathering tools, using analysis methods, creating intelligence thinking patterns, understanding judicial aspects of Intelligence as privacy (GDPR, CCPA, etc.).


Our generic courses consist of introductory to many aspects of the Intelligence process, Webint in practice, Intelligence gaming and some more.


Custom-made training would answer directly to your needs after a thorough process of understanding your strategy and business goals, understanding the practical issues to be gained by the course, and developing the content.

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